Pittsboro Animal Hospital
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1065 East Street, Pittsboro, NC 27312
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Esterilice Sus Mascotas Por Solo $20.00

Patrocinado por el Fonda Lillie

se parking nuestra unidad móvil en los siguientes lugares: En la encrucijada de Harper en Bear Creek, Wallmart Siler City, y él está todo sobre los caballos en New Hill. Por favor, ver el calendario de fechas al lado de cada lugar.

** Las cirugías son por cita solamente **
Si todas las citas son tomadas usted puede ir a la ubicación deseada como stand-bys puede ser aceptado

Por favor llámenos para programar la cirugía de su mascota


** El pago es únicamente en efectivo y se debe en el momento de DROP-OFF **

precios por debajo de:

  • Perro menos que 60lbs           $100.00
  • Perro 60-120lbs                      $125.00
  • Perro encima 120lbs                additional $25.00
  • embarazadas en el calor         additional $30-45.00
  • testículo retainted                   additional $25-45.00
  • Gato (hombre o mujer)            $70.00
  • embarazadas en el calor         additional $15-20.00
  • testiculo retainted                   additional $15.00

** Los precios cirugía incluyen el examen, la vacuna contra el moquillo (perro o gato), la vacuna contra la rabia, el dolor y la inyección **

The following additional services can be provided at a discounted rate:
  • Heartworm test (perro)         $20.00
  • Intestinal Worm check           $10.00
  • FeLV/ FIV (gato)                     $25.00
  • Leptospirosis vaccine             $15.00
  • Leukemia vaccine                   $15.00
  • Microchip                                $38.00

Pittsboro Animal Hospital & Mobile Unit
1065 East Street • Pittsboro, NC 27312
(919)542-5712 | FAX (919)542-5712

You may qualify for a $20.00 Spay/ Neuter Voucher through Chatham Animal Rescue and Education (CARE) or Chatham County Animal Control.  Please see links below:


Pre-surgical Instructions:
  • No food after midnight the night before surgery.
  • Please bring ALL cats and small dogs in carriers
  • Larger dogs MUST be leashed
  • Check in time is 8:30-9:00am.  If you do not check-in by 9:00am then a stand-by patient may be accepted in your space.
  • Pick up time is 4:00pm SAME DAY OF SURGERY
Post-surgical Instructions:
  • Activity: ALL cats and dogs should be kept indoors for a minimum of 10-14 days after surgery.  It is best to confine cats to a room (ie; bathroom).  They need to be checked frequently during their recovery time.  All dogs should be leashed walked during their recovery.  Pets should not be allowed to jump, run, climb or play aggressively. 
  • Diet:Please feed your pet about 1/2 his normal dinner the night after surgery and then resume normal feeding the next day.  Water should be available as normal.
  • Monitoring: Check your pet's incision DAILY.  Check for pain, swelling, heat, bleeding, pus, or other discharge.
  • Watch for licking: Discourage your pet from licking the incision site.  If your pet is licking the incision an Elizabethan collar should be placed on your pet.
  • Bathing: The incision needs to stay dry for 14 days. DO NOT bathe your pet during this time.
  • Sutures: All sutures are dissolvable therefore non need to be removed.
  • Medications: start any dispensed medications the night of surgery.
  • If there is a problem: Please call us at 919-542-5712, or if after hours, Animal Emergency Clinic of Cary 919-462-8989, Triangle Emergency Clinic inDurham 919-489-0615.