Pittsboro Animal Hospital

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Menu of Common Services

Below is a listing of the most common services requested and their current prices.   Prices are subject to change.

  • Annual exam              $49.00                        *Required with all vaccines
  • Rabies 1-year             $21.00                        *1-yr versus 3-yr Rabies Vaccine
  • Rabies 3-year             $21.00                           depends on previous vaccine history
  • Fecal exam                $24.00                        **See notes below


**Fecal exams are recommended yearly to screen for intestinal parasites (hookworms, roundworm, etc.) that can be transmitted to people.  Highly recommended for pets that spend significant time outdoors and if there are children in the household.


Canine Vaccines

  • DHPP 1-year              $20.00                        1-yr versus 3-yr DHPP depends
  • DHPP 3-year              $28.00                           on previous vaccine history
  • Bordetella 1-year       $23.00                       
  • Leptospirosis             $23.00                        **See notes below
  • Lyme’s Vaccine          $35.00                        ***See notes below
  • Heartworm Test         $22.00                        ****See notes below
  • HWT/Lyme/Ehrl/Ana   $45.00                        *****See notes below


**Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease spread through the urine of wildlife.  We recommend this vaccine if your dogs spends significant time outdoors (hiking, camping, rural lifestyle).  This disease is zoonotic (can be spread to people) and is a potential public health concern.


***Lyme’s Disease is transmitted through ticks (and we have our share of them in Chatham County!).  This is an emerging disease in our area and definitely on the rise.


****Heartworm Disease is transmitted by mosquitos.  The Southeast has the highest concentration of Heartworm disease in the country.  A yearly test is required to dispense Heartworm Prevention.


*****HWT/Lyme/Ehrlichiosis/Anaplasmosis test is a simple blood test that screens for Heartworm Disease, Lyme’s Disease, Ehrlichiosis & Anaplasmosis (the last three are tick borne diseases).  We recommend this test as we have a very high prevalence of tick borne disease.


Feline Vaccines

  • FVRCP 1 or 3 year                $23.00                        *Recommended for indoor &  outdoor cats     
  • FeLV 2-year                         $28.00                        *Recommended for outdoor cats