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Vaccine Program

Drs. Weiser and Baucom believe strongly in vaccinations and annual wellness exams as part of your pet’s comprehensive preventative health care.  However, more and more studies show that the frequency of vaccinations can and should be greatly reduced in our mature pets.   Therefore, we have decided to offer the “Pittsboro Animal Hospital Vaccine Program”.   This not only provides the necessary vaccinations for your pet (either free or discounted. Yes, we said FREE), but also incentives owners to bring their pet’s in for their much needed Annual Wellness Exam.

How does “Pittsboro Animal Hospital Vaccine Program” work?

There is a one-time, non-refundable enrollment fee to start the program.  The enrollment fee is due for each pet and you can enroll as many pets as you like.  Enrollment fees cannot be transferred to any other pet or client.  Once enrolled all CORE vaccines (DHPP (dog)/ FVRCP (cat) and Rabies) are FREE for the life of your pet.  All other NON-CORE vaccines (bordatella, leptospirosis, lyme and feline leukemia) are offered at a 20% discount.  Additionally, you will be eligible for promotional discounts only offered to program members.

What’s the catch?

To stay enrolled in the program you must keep your pet current on their Annual Wellness Exam (there is a 30-day grace period).  That’s it!

*The program covers only the cost of CORE vaccines and 20% discount on all NON-CORE vaccines.   All exam fees (including the Annual Wellness Exam), heartworm testing, fecal testing, FeLV/FIV testing, heartworm & flea/tick preventative costs, etc. are NOT covered and must be paid at the time of service. 

What is the cost of enrollment?

Puppy/ kitten                    $95

                DHPP or FVRCP puppy/kitten series

                Rabies vaccine, 1 year

                All future CORE vaccines for life

                20% OFF all NON-CORE vaccines (bordatella, leptospirosis, lyme, feline leukemia)

Adult dog/ cat                   $65

                DHPP or FVRCP for life

                Rabies vaccine, 1 or 3 year depending on what is needed

                20% OFF all NON-CORE vaccines (bordatella, leptospirosis, lyme, feline leukemia)


Frequently Asked Questions…

Can I transfer the program to another pet?

No, under no circumstances can the program be transferred to another pet.

What if my pet dies or runs away soon after enrollment?

The enrollment fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.

What if I rehome my pet?

The program is not transferable to a new owner.  They would have to re-enroll the pet.

What if I do not get a reminder in the mail that my pet is due for their Annual Wellness Exam?

While we make every effort to have reminders sent to every client, it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure your pet is seen within the annual parameters of the program.

If I purchase the program through Pittsboro Animal Hospital can I use it at any other veterinary facility?

No, this program is exclusively offered at Pittsboro Animal Hospital.

If I have more than one pet do I get a discount on enrollment of other pets?

No, we do not offer additional discounts with this program.

Can I transfer this policy to another pet?

No, you have to enroll each pet individually.

What happens if I do not get my pet in within the 1 year (+30 day grace period) for their Annual Wellness Exam?

You policy becomes void.

You then have two choices: either re-enroll your pet into the PAH Vaccine Program (if still being offered) or resume paying for the vaccines at the time they are given.

What if I just had my pet in for an exam because of an illness and now they are due for their Annual Wellness Exam.  Do I still have to come in?

Yes.  To keep your enrollment in the PAH Vaccine Program active your pet must be seen for their Annual Wellness Exam, regardless of how recently they may have been seen for a medical condition.

What if my pet was just seen for their Annual Wellness Exam at another hospital?   Will that count?

No.  The Annual Wellness Exam must be performed at Pittsboro Animal Hospital.

What if Pittsboro Animal Hospital is sold and the program is discontinued?

If PAH fell under new ownership we would strongly encourage the new owners to honor the program.  However, no guarantee could be made and no enrollment fee refunds offered.




We believe strongly in the life saving benefits of vaccinations and annual wellness exams.   Therefore, we have designed the Pittsboro Animal Hospital Vaccine Program to offer affordable vaccinations while giving owners an incentive to get their much needed annual wellness exam for their pet.


  • A one time, non-refundable enrollment fee is due at the start of the program
  • This enrollment fee cannot be transferred to any other pet or new owner
  • An enrollment fee is due for each pet, discounts not given for multiple pet enrollments
  • There is no limit as to how many pets an owner can enroll
  • The PAH Vaccine Program includes:
    • FREE DHPP or FVRCP and Rabies vaccines for life
    • 20% discount on all NON-CORE vaccines (bordatella, Lyme, Leptospirosis, Feline Leukemia)
    • Eligible for member only discounts
    • Your pet must be seen for their Annual Wellness Exam on time (30-day grace period given).  It is the responsibility of the owner to schedule this appointment.  We are not responsible for un-received reminders via mail or email.  The Annual Wellness Exam must be performed on time, even if the pet was seen recently for any other reason (ie; exam, surgery, etc.)
    • Program is only valid at Pittsboro Animal Hospital
    • Annual Wellness Exam must be performed at Pittsboro Animal Hospital
    • You are responsible for the cost of the Annual Wellness Exam
    • You are responsible for the cost of all diagnostic testing, treatments and preventatives
    • PAH can decide to stop new enrollments at any time

Not all pets are due for every vaccine every year.  The veterinarian will determine which vaccine your pet is due for depending on their needs, life style (boarding/ grooming/ training/ outdoor), age and law (ie; rabies vaccine).  Only healthy animals are vaccinated as per vaccine manufacturer label.

2015 Monthly Specials for PAH Vaccine Programs

February: Dental Health Month, $20.00 OFF regular pricing
March: Flea & Tick Prevention Month, $12 Single Dose Vectra (regular price $21.00), one per pet
April: Heartworm Awareness Month, 5% OFF 6 month supply Triheart or 10% OFF 12 month supply Triheart
May: National Arthritis Month, 10% OFF any canine or feline joint supplement, 10% OFF initial acupuncture or laser treatment
June:  Microchip Month, $10 OFF microchip
July:  Parasite Awareness Month, $15.00 Internal Parasite Check (fecal exam)
August:  Dermatology Month, 10% OFF any shampoo or conditioner
September:  Senior Wellness Month, 10% OFF Senior Wellness bloodwork
October:  Mani-pedi Month, FREE toe nail trims (excludes dremel, one per pet)
November: Nutritional Month, 10% OFF any veterinary diets
December: Happy Holiday Month, come in for your FREE gift!